Registration of the user

The use of provided services by www.hexamania.com involves the requirement of the register of the user of the website. The user will have to register itself indicating his email address. Once the register done, a message will be send to the given email address with the assigned password. In any case, it will be necessary the user to agree Terms and Conditions, as well as the privacy policy and the cookies policy.

Once the user is correctly registered on the website, he can at any moment access to “My account”. From “My Account”, the user can modify his personal data as well as information about orders delivery, check if he has some goods pending of delivery.

The minimum age to order at www.hexamania.com is 18 years old.

Delivery terms

www.hexamania.com sends its goods, from its warehouse near Bayonne in France, to next destinations: all countries of European Union. Out of European Union upon request.

The purchase of goods at www.hexamania.com is subject to the payment of delivery charges, dependent on the buyer. Delivery fees are calculated upon the weight of the order and the country of destination. No delivery charge will be apply for any order over 200€ in countries of European Union. In any case, effective delivery fees will be detailed in the order basket all along the purchase process and the buyer will have the possibility to check these fees before to finalize his order.
www.hexamania.com can’t be held responsible for any delay in order delivering for causes not attributable directly to the company, of unforeseen circumstances cases or force majeure cases, as
well as of possible additional fees which would be applied by respective authorities in each country in the case that the delivery place if out of European Union.

Delivery charges include in addition of the shipping, parcels packaging specifically designed to ship delicate goods, the insurance in case of loss or damages, as well as VAT.

Your order will be prepared and dispatch within 24 to 48 hours, each time we have goods in stock in our warehouse.

We take a lot of care at the moment of packaging your order, because it can contain jars or delicate goods. A high resistance package protecting efficiently your goods guarantee you to receive them in a perfect condition.

Once ready, we dispatch you order. We don’t send parcels on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays in France.

Once we put your parcel back to our shipment company:

  • You will receive an email with the tacking number and a link allowing you to follow the delivery. You can also find this information at any time from your customer account in the
    menu related to your orders,
  • The delivery will be effective within 24 to 48 hours in European Union.

Goods delivery will be done at the place freely informed by the user. www.hexamania.com won’t assume any responsibility when order delivery fails as a consequence of the data inaccuracy or falsity due to the wrong information provided by the user, as well as in the case that delivery can’t be done because of causes unknown at www.hexamania.com, as well as the absence of the recipient at the place of delivery. For that, it is mandatory to provide us a phone number for the carrier to be able to contact the recipient of the order.

In case of absence of the recipient and each time it will be possible, our carrier will let a delivery notice with necessary information to program a new delivery at the place of the recipient or necessary indications for him being able to go for his package in a determined place. In any case, after 7 days from the last try to delivery without the possibility to deliver the order, this will be return to the sender closing the contract.

Prices of goods

Prices of goods are these indicated in the catalogue of the online shop. By default, all prices indicated in the good description are in Euros (€) and include VAT. In the case of business customer, prices will be shown without VAT once logged in to the user profile.

Payment Methods

The purchase of goods at www.hexamania.com can be done with different methods of payment as follow:

  1. Payment by Bank card (Visa or MasterCard) through a virtual payment terminal configured with secured payment. All payment transactions are done in a strict environment of
    confidentiality and encryption thanks to SSL protocol. So, we guarantee you the confidentiality of data provided by the customer.
  2. By PayPal,
  3. By SEPA bank transfer.

To use the bank card through a virtual payment terminal, the buyer must fulfil a form indicating the name of the owner of the card, the kind of card, the validity date of the card and the security code.
The secure payment terminal guarantee more security for the transaction being that www.hexamania.com doesn’t know at any moment data of the bank card, and the transaction is done at any moment between the bank of the user (emitter of the card) and the bank of www.hexamania.com. If you meet any issue in the process of payment, contact your bank because some bank cards must be specifically activated for payment to secure businesses.

By PayPal, fulfilling the fields required by PayPal at the moment of payment confirmation.

By SEPA bank transfer to our bank account which details are confirmed to the customer in an email sent once the order confirmed.

Confirmation of the acceptance receipt

Once finished the purchase process, the user will receive, to the provided email address when the customer account has been setup, a confirmation detailing goods characteristics , prices, dispatching method, order date and number.

Return and faulty policy

The buyer has a time of 14 natural days after the good receipt to apply his withdrawal right without having to justify any specific reason or being punished. Once received said return in our warehouse, and after checking of the correct condition of this one, we will process to the refund of the corresponding amount in a maximum time of 20 natural days in function of the payment method used by the customer.

Accordingly to the article 102.d) of the Spanish Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of the 16 th of November, through which is approved the text merging the General Law for Customers and Users defence and other complementary laws, or being applicable the good providing which can quickly deteriorate or expire, by this fact it won’t be possible to apply the withdrawal right for bottles which would have been opened, for example, due to the quick deterioration in that case. Anyway, if the package has been opened and that a small quantity has been consumed for its tasting and that the customer has not been satisfied, it will be possible to apply his right to withdrawal accordingly to the previous paragraph.

The buyer will have to express his withdrawal intention in the indicated period and will have to proceed to the return of goods. For that, the user will send an email to hexamania@hexamania.com indicating his name and address, as well as the order number.

Once received goods subject to the withdrawal and their correct condition checked, hexamania.com will refund to the user paid amounts in a maximum time of 20 natural days. Goods not maintained in their original packaging can suffer depreciation. However, good return fees are at the charge of the user. We will only refund dispatch fees for returns in case erroneous orders are due to us, as well as when received orders are damaged or faulty.

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