Cutlery craftsmen since nearly 30 years, sister and brother Rachel and Pascal Exposito, proud of their identity, in love with their lands and their traditions, have created the first Basque medlar knife. Adorned with this noble wood which needs long years of work, Mizpira bears the mark of its culture and the legacy of an ancestral Basque know-how, the one of Makila, the walking stick of its shepherds. Over the years, encouraged by the desire to create and innovate, their common passion for cutlery has given birth to their Basque knives, Bixia and Artzaina, always faithful to the “terroir” and to the values of the Basque Country.
The “Couteliers Basques” has the Certification of Craftsmen of Art, member of the workshops of the Arts of France; with Made in France certification. They are also members of the Circle of Basque Creators, an association of 9 artisans from the French Basque Country.

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Artzaina – Basque Linen Table knife – Collection Txomin

from 85,00 VAT incl.

Artzaina – Basque Linen Table Knife – Eneko Collection

from 85,00 VAT incl.

Artzaina – Traditional Basque Knife in Medlar

210,00 VAT incl.

Bixia – Red and Green Espelette Pepper Shaped Knife

Bixia – Red Espelette Pepper Shaped Knife

from 75,00 VAT incl.

Carving fork and knife in Olive wood – Les Couteliers Basques

230,00 VAT incl.

Cheese knife in Olive wood – Les Couteliers Basques

65,00 VAT incl.

Mizpira – Knife with corkscrew

210,00 VAT incl.

Salad service fork and spoon in olive wood – Les Couteliers Basques

180,00 VAT incl.

Spreading knife in Olive wood – Les Couteliers Basques

58,00 VAT incl.
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