Miel Martine is the strength of the authenticity with a taste 100% contemporary.

Miel Martine has an history beginning in the heart of Provence. New owners of Château de la Martinette discover old hives on their lands and have the idea to bring to life the millenary tradition of apiculture in the property. After a thought about it with profesional apiarists, they decided to develop their own production of honey 100% French. Each step of the production are controlled and certified. It is the first honey brand which traceability can be followed through an independent organism. Each honey lot has its own identification.

Honeys are inspired by Provence colours and each variety is illustrated by French illustrator Martine Singer.
It is a high quality honey employed by starred Chefs like Frédéric Simonin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2019, offering “cuisine of a committed Chef” in his parisian restaurant.

Their commitments are:
– honey extractions are done only when it is cold, and upon coverplated frames,
– apiarists take care of bees only with homologated and authorized products on the market,
– quality is guaranteed by analysis done by an independent laboratory,
– local partnerships, and biodegradables and recyclables packaging are favoured,
– traceability is guaranteed with the platform www.respect-code-org,
– support to the French association “Terres d’abeilles”, declared of general interest which act at national, european and international level to protect bees and other wild pollinating.

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Château Lavender Honey “Grand Cru” – Miel Martine

34,90 VAT incl.

Chestnut Honey – Miel Martine

9,80 VAT incl.

Lavander Honey – Miel Martine

10,50 VAT incl.

Rosemary Honey – Miel Martine

9,90 VAT incl.

Tasting Box (3 honeys of 60g) – Miel Martine

13,90 VAT incl.

White Heather Honey – Miel Martine

10,00 VAT incl.
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