A real vineyard in Normandy is an unusual thing, it is the only one. “Les Arpents du Soleil” (Sun Acres) is located in the heart of the region, with a dry and warm microclimate, a hillside oriented towards the South and an exceptional soil, worthy of the greatest vintages explain its success.

Since 1995, Gérard Samson is the wine-grower passionated of this parcel, allowing it to revive its viticultural destiny. After a strong training, theoretical and practical, in Burgundy, he has travelled through viticultural France and Europe to discover secrets of best “terroirs”.

Les Arpents du Soleil are rare wines, that’s why they are only bottled by 50cl, with some exceptions in magnum bottle for the pleasure of more people!
Fine, typical and with an identical quality wines, whatever are hazards, come from there. Through years, a perfectioning in cultivation and oenological methods, the result of patient observations, progressively reveals even more this exceptionnal viticultural terroir.
The label of this vineyard is available under 4 colours corresponding to the 4 vintages which gustative diversity will surprise you. Even if they are terroir great wines, it is generally indicated on the label grape variety for your information.
Improvement and aging potential for these wines is of several years. In case of tasting, of all or part of vintages, the best way to serve it would be: olive green label, purple label, orange label and red label.

Since vintage 2009, all cuvées hace the IGP certification (Protected geographical indication) “VIN DE PAYS DU CALVADOS”, and since 2011 “VIN DE PAYS DU CALVADOS-GRISY”.

H.V.E certification (High environmental value) testifies the high implication of the property in favour of the environment.
Everything is set up to preserve and amplify the beauty of the place and its general harmony. Natural vegetation resembles more to the one of more meridional regions of France with presence of oregano, orchids, and is the home to rare butterflies and lizards. For the viticulture, a large range of vegetal material is used, contributing too to biodiversity of the place. Thank to this, microfauna and auxiliary flora of the vineyard are very attractive. They strengthen benefits of the favourable microclimate para its growing, and reduce to the strict minimum phytosanitaires interventions. Then no herbicide, no insecticide, no acaricide, no anti-putridity or fertilizer are used.

“Les Arpents du Soleil” offers too guided tours of the property for lovers of wine tourism.

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Orange Label – Les Arpents du Soleil

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Red Label – Les Arpents du Soleil

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