This traditional cannery, founded in 1986 by Lisa and Samuel, offers all regional gastronomic specialities of the French Basque country.
The products are prepared in a traditional way, with certified meats from the Southwest of France, without preservatives or food coloring, to allow you to rediscover homemade flavours of days gone by.

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Basque Piperade – Le Confit d’Ascain

10,50 VAT incl.

Basque-style chicken – Le Confit d’Ascain

16,00 VAT incl.

Country-style Pâté with Espelette pepper – Le Confit d’Ascain

6,50 VAT incl.

Duck Sausages – Le Confit d’Ascain

12,50 VAT incl.

Duck’s drumettes and Bayonne ham Garbure – Le Confit d’Ascain

13,00 VAT incl.

Garnish for country-style salad – Le Confit d’Ascain

9,50 VAT incl.

Herriko Veal Axoa – Le Confit d’Ascain

18,00 VAT incl.

Pork Filet mignon candied with duck fat – Le Confit d’Ascain

19,50 VAT incl.
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