A quality mustard since 1840
The mustard fabric Edmond Fallot preserves great Mustard Makers Masters traditions; perpetuating excellence, quality and innovation.

Set up in Beaune and last independent and family house of Burgundy, an exceptional mustard is produced using a hand-crafted know-how passed on from a generation to another one: the grinding of seeds with a millstone which preserve gustatory qualities to the pastry.
In the production process, a particular attention is provided to environment protection and preservation (waste sorting and valorisation, sewage treatment…). The fabric is also committed in an IFS certification process (products quality and security).

The fame of Dijon mustard has been acquired during centuries thanks to the mustard seed and the use of a verjuice (green grape juice), both harvested in Burgundy region.

Fallot house has also revived a real “Burgundy mustard” produced exclusively on the Burgundian territory with seeds cultivated locally and aligoté white wine from Burgundy. Since 2009, it is a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP).


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Dijon Blackcurrant Mustard with white wine – Moutarderie Edmond Fallot

5,00 VAT incl.

Dijon Gingerbread Mustard – Moutarderie Edmond Fallot

4,75 VAT incl.

Dijon Mustard Stoneware Jar – Moutarderie Edmond Fallot

7,50 VAT incl.

Dijon Mustard with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar – Moutarderie Edmond Fallot

4,75 VAT incl.

Green pepper Mustard – Moutarderie Edmond Fallot

7,25 VAT incl.

Wholegrain Mustard with white wine Stoneware Jar – Moutarderie Edmond Fallot

7,50 VAT incl.
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