The Domaine de la Plaigne is located in the heart of Beaujolais and stretches on 15 hectares. Winemakers from father to son, Gilles and Cécile are the fourth generation and since 2014 their son Victorien joined them.

The property produce 5 designations from Gamay, red grape with white flesh and one designation coming from Chardonnay grape variety.

They work respecting environment and nature:
– protecting the vineyard: farming is done Traditionally, with a strict follow-up of the sanitary status of vine respecting nature and harvest quality: the most important is to anticipate. Grape varieties of vine are also protected to obtain good grapes but let vines grassed to reduce the use of products.
A choice clearly motivated by wine quality, but also to preserve inherited and passed down since 5 generations terroir.

In the property, vinification is quality guarantee. The major care during grape harvest is requested to grape pickers with a selection of bunches benefiting of a perfect sanitary status and the removal of unhealthy berries.
Their vinification methods allow them to obtain a large range of wines very expressives, gourmet on the fruit, responding to any taste. Their wines are often awarded, what confirm them into their production processes.

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Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau – Domaine de la Plaigne

from 9,50 VAT incl.

Moulin-a-Vent “Precious Vintage” 2018 – Domaine de la Plaigne

from 19,00 VAT incl.

White Beaujolais-Villages 2017 – Domaine de la Plaigne

from 11,00 VAT incl.

White Bourgogne 2016 – Domaine de la Plaigne

from 12,00 VAT incl.
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