Since 1999, year of its creation, the Master in cider making, Dominic Lagadec, applies a very precise process to create by hand all TXOPINONDO’s products.

Products of the cider works invite you to discover the soul of the Basque Country, sharing local peculiarities and revealing its flavours.
All products are made without preservatives or added food colourings.
Oenological innovation is also part of Txopinondo’s culture to follow the evolution of your expectations.

Unique in the north of the French Basque Country, the cellar is open to the public for famous TXOTX lunches and dinners.

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Artisanal semi-dry Cider – Cidrerie TXOPINONDO

from 5,50 VAT incl.

KALIPOKO Shandy of Sagarnoa and Lemonade Peach flavour – Cidrerie TXOPINONDO

from 6,00 VAT incl.

PATXAKA Woodland Apple and Anise Liqueur – Cidrerie TXOPINONDO

15,00 VAT incl.


from 5,00 VAT incl.

TXOPITO 100% Basque Apple Juice with Hibiscus – Cidrerie TXOPINONDO

9,00 VAT incl.

TXOPITO Variety 60’s Apple Juice – Cidrerie TXOPINONDO

from 5,00 VAT incl.
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