A family wine farm since 1854. Château Penin has become one of the most famous “little Châteaux” in Bordeaux.
Patrick Carteyron, oenologist, representative of the fifth generation, took the helm in 1982 with a definitively qualitative objective.
Red wines with a lot of body, rounds and elegants, are the main production. The Château Penin is also famous for its white wine, its rosé wine and its clairet wine, which are products that Patrick is passionate about and not spin-off products of red wine vinification.
The work is done in accordance with the truths of the terroir, ensuring the protection and respect of the natural environment.
The aim is simply to express the authentic qualities and pleasures provided by a healthy and well ripened grape, transformed into wine. Also to offer good taste and gustatory pleasure.
Honour Prize of the Guide Dussert-Gerber 2020.

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Bordeaux Clairet A.O.C. 2019 – Château Penin

from 12,50 VAT incl.

Bordeaux Supérieur A.O.C. Grande Sélection 2015 – Château Penin

from 16,50 VAT incl.

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru A.O.C. Château la Fleur Penin 2016

from 26,75 VAT incl.
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