How do we select our goods?

Goods we offer are subject to a strict selection, which guarantee you optimal quality and originality, respecting at the same time values we wish to pass on.

We are careful to the goods ingredients and to their way of production and of transformation. We avoid colourings, artificial flavourings and artificial additives when they are useless. We favour handmade fabrication methods with no shortcut.

All food goods pass through a tasting test taking into account that the good must provide delight during into its savouring and corresponds to testers’ expectations.
We maintain a close relationship and with a lot of respect with our producers’ craftsperson, we develop with them a philosophy of partners.

On a regular basis, we add new Goods from new craftsperson, but we will be very pleased to listen to you in case you think some representatives goods of French regions are missing in our shop online. To not hesitate to inform us of it through our contact form.

Transparency respecting to our Goods

Each good offered in our shop has a detailed form. In addition, of a good description along with conditions of use, each form indicate not only detailed ingredients of the goods but also, when
known, its nutritional values (calories, etc.) to help you in your decision taking.

We also have taken the decision to give you more information about our providers making the goods. You can learn more about each of them clicking on their name in the good form or from the
dedicated menu.

When goods eventually received a Prize or have a certification label, we specify it to you into the good form.

Unavailable Good

Some goods can’t be available as much as you want during the whole year as you will understand it from their own definition of hand-crafted. In most of the case, providers are depending on seasons of the year, on weather conditions for being good and in enough quantities, by their handcrafted size they can’t produce more than allow it to them their infrastructure, etc.
These out of stock are also a quality proof for you. When a good is not available, we specify it to you in the product form. You have the possibility to write us to let us your details so we can inform you when the good is available again.

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