Duck’s liver with truffle at 3% (tin 4 pax) 43,00 VAT incl.
comprar manchones de pato
Cassoulet of Duck’s drumettes tin for 2 persons 20,00 VAT incl.

Born at the beginning of last century, this charming wine knew its radiant success in the frivolous Paris of the “Belle époque”.
A wine from grapevines with an average age of 54 years.
Grapes are directly squeezed for one third of the volume and 2 other thirds macerate during 16 hours before to be squeezed. Grape musts are stored in barrels with a fermentation temperatures control around 16°C.

New since 2009, when the gustatory balance is reached, the grape must is pressed to use half dose of SO² (sulphur dioxide). The result is a more aromatic Rosé, a more natural fruit and a nicer colour.

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Cabernet d’Anjou A.O.C.




cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon

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Tasting and recommendations

This Cabernet d’Anjou gives the feeling in the mouth of masticating small red fruits.

The final is full of freshness and lightness: a gourmand wine for a festive aperitif.

He will go well with melon garnished with red fruits, tarts, fruits bowls, duck à l’orange or deserts with black chocolate.

Excellent comrade of a spicy cooking or of Asian exoticism combining sweet and sour.


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